About Us

CPPlabel.com is owned by Creative Print Products, a Massachusetts printing company. Creative Print Products understands the unique challenges that business operating in industries with highly-regulated labeling requirements face on a daily basis. We’ve been in the printing industry for 20 years, and we’ve witnessed significant changes, including the shift to in-house, on-demand label printing.

In recent years, we’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort into developing the best selection of on-demand label printing solutions – from printers and label stock to ink and peripherals – for industries that need to be able to pivot instantly as new legal requirements are implemented and for businesses that need to print multiple versions of their labels with variable information, including the cannabis, hemp, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and chemical industries.

To help our clients transition from expensive traditional label printing to flexible and cost-effective on-demand printing, we offer three ways to bring an on-demand label printer in-house: purchase, rent, and rent-to-own.

In addition to on-demand label printers, label stock, ink, and peripherals, we also offer label inventory management, warehousing, and distribution through a comprehensive web portal where it’s easy for clients in diverse industries to place orders, track their stock, and more.

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