On-Demand Label Printing for the Pharma and Nutra Industries

Changing regulations, new symbols, updated medical information – the list of reasons why pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies need to modify or customize their product labels goes on and on. Traditional offsite printing no longer works to meet rapidly changing labeling rules or the multiple variations of each product label that are required by law.

Compliance is challenging, and it gets infinitely more challenging when you have to pay the high costs of traditional third-party label printing and wait through long lead times and turnaround times to get the labels you need for your products to go to market.

On-demand label printing solves the problem for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical businesses by bringing high-speed, high-quality, and highly-customizable label printing in-house.

You’ll pay a fraction of the cost per label when you use an on-demand label printer and blank label stock than you’d pay in third-party printer fees and inventory storage costs without sacrificing the quality or durability of your labels.

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Here’s What You Get with Pharma and Nutra On-Demand Label Printing

As regulations change, you can change your product labels instantly when you print them on-demand and in-house. Design, revise, and print up to 60 feet of labels per minute at a lower cost per label – all without sacrificing print quality.

In fact, the on-demand inkjet label printers offered by Creative Print Products provide ultra-crisp text, barcodes, and images along with bright colors and rich blacks that are even better than traditional print quality.

With on-demand label printing, your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical company can eliminate preprinted label stock and replace it with blank stock. Whether you need roll-to-roll, sheet fed, or die-cut labels, you can do it with as much variable information as you need.

On-demand label printing gives you peace-of-mind that your labels will be fully-compliant with all laws and durable enough for each use case. Label prints are water, abrasion, and temperature resistant!

On-Demand Label Printing Reduces Risk and Gives Pharma and Nutra Companies Critical Flexibility

Change is a cost of doing business in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, but you can lower that cost substantially by printing your product labels in-house and on-demand.

Here are some of the key benefits your business gets when you use on-demand label printing:

  • Adapt to government regulations immediately by changing your labels and printing new labels as needed.
  • No inventory to destroy or delays in having products ready to sell.
  • No production delays or high printing costs from third party printing companies who need weeks to deliver new labels and leave you with limited opportunities to change your label designs.
  • Save time and get to market faster when you design, modify, and print new labels on the fly – up to 12 inches per second in full color including variable information.
  • Customize labels with variable information at no extra cost.
  • Save money with a lower cost per label.

The time and cost savings combined with the flexibility and ability to print variable information as needed make on-demand label printing the best solution for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

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