Peripherals and Ink

Creative Print Products offers a variety of post-production add-ons, peripherals, and inks to help you save even more time and money!

Contact us to learn more about the on-demand label printing peripherals and ink we offer or to place an order today.

Afinia Rewinder

The Afinia Rewinder is perfect for businesses that want to run high-volume, continuous jobs in a roll-to-roll configuration – meaning you print from a roll and the machine automatically re-rolls the printed labels for you saving you significant time.

Afinia Finisher

The Afinia DLF-220 Digital Label Finisher is an all-in-one system that unwinds, laminates, digitally plotter-cuts, removes waste, slits, and rewinds labels into complete rolls, so you can cut and finish product labels printed directly from your Affinia on-demand label printer.

Any shape can be cut from your design file, so you can quickly produce standard and custom label shapes and sizes quickly and easily. No dies are needed, and since all cutting, slitting, and waste removal is done for you before the labels are re-rolled, you’ll save substantial time and money.

Afinia Applicator

The Afinia A200 Bottle Label Applicator is a semi-automatic labeling machine that applies labels on rolls to bottles, jars, cans, and other cylindrical containers from 1” to 6.3” in diameter – up to 600 containers per hour. The machine can apply labels to the front and back with a push of a button or using the included foot pedal. Placement is calculated automatically for you.