Cannabis and Hemp

Businesses operating across the supply chain in the cannabis and hemp industries face a long list of labeling requirements for products that vary from state-to-state and can change at a moment’s notice.

With labels that need to track products from seed-to-sale in some states and often need to be customized for every single product sold, staying compliant can be extremely challenging.

We understand. You need a wide variety of labels with variable information, and when the rules change, you don’t want to be left with outdated preprinted labels.

Bottom-line, traditional label printing doesn’t work for the cannabis or hemp industries, but on-demand, in-house label printing does!

Contact us to learn how on-demand label printing not only saves you significant time and money but also keeps you compliant!

Here’s What You Get with Cannabis and Hemp On-Demand Label Printing

Save Time with Faster Everything.

How does printing 60 feet of full-color labels per minute sound? How about changing variable information instantly to customize every product label? Or how about never again losing a sale because you don’t have a compliant label when you need it?

If being able to instantly print specifically what you need exactly when you need it sounds good to you, then on-demand label printing is the solution you need.

Save Money with Cheaper Everything.

How does less expensive label printing sound to you? Or what about only stocking blank labels and never having to destroy obsolete preprinted labels again?

If saving money on label inventory and on every label you print sounds good to you, then you need an on-demand label printing solution.

Boost Results with Better Everything.

How does staying compliant with continually-changing label requirements without spending extra money or time sound? How about printing super high quality labels that are durable and reliable?

If you want to be in control of your labels and labeling process, and you want flexibility without sacrificing quality, then on-demand label printing is perfect for your cannabis or hemp business.

On-Demand Label Printing Saves Time and Money Across the Cannabis and Hemp Supply Chains

Whether your cannabis or hemp license is active or pending, you can set up your on-demand label printing solution right now! Get rid of all of those preprinted labels and replace them with blank stock and a printer from Creative Print Products that lets you create the exact label you need anytime – at the lowest cost per label!

On-demand label printing is perfect for every cannabis and hemp license holder, including:

Hemp Seed

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